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AI Profit: Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Development

AI Development

Technology we use
Deep Learning

Machine learning systems can analyze significant volumes of data to recognize patterns, generate predictions, be applied to adaptation imitation, or to a range of other complex problems.

Big Data Analytics

Empowering AI-driven decisions across all lines of business can be achieved by using Big Data processing. Artificial Intelligence can transform Big Data into knowledge.

Expert Systems

Expert system can apply knowledge it has to solve problems that would require human competence or expertise.

Natural Language Processing

NLP uses knowledge in terms of opinion mining, question answering, text composing and dialog systems. It allows the machine to understand and utilize the human language.

Predictive Analytics

Take advantage of AI and obtain predictions about future outcomes using data mining, statistics and modeling. Predictive insights derived from data analytics are extremely useful for Financial Markets and Digital Marketing.

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly in Financial Markets are often caused by certain events, which can lead to significant market movements. AI can identify the anomaly on early stages and generate an alert.

AI Profit: AI for FinTech and Digital Marketing

AI Consultancy

Artificial Intelligence for FinTech

Cryptocurrency Markets

AI can analyze cryptocurrency markets to generate reports and predict market movements.
FollowTrend can predict bitcoin market movements.

Banking Services

From predictive banking to fraud and money laundering detection systems. AI can minimize risks and cut costs for a range of services provided by banks.
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Artificial Intelligence for Digital Marketing

Content Generation

AI can generate unique content for your website or blog. AI-generated unique content is making digital marketing agencies more cost-effective. It can generate properly structured comments and even entire articles.
PresenceUP is a unique content generator.

Customer Services

Companies can benefit from artificial intelligence by transforming customer service interactions - keep existing customers happy and get new customers.
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AI Profit: Blockchain Development

Blockchain Development

Consultancy & Development

Decentralized Applications

Decentralized architecture can provide a range of advantages such as extended security, transparency, efficiency, and reliability.
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Banking Systems

Blockchain can complement banking systems for processing payments faster and reducing the transaction costs.
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Financial Applications

Majority of FinTech companies have recognize the power of blockchain in their financial activity.
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Custom Solutions

Need a unique custom blockchain-based application. We can help you.
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Blockchain Consultancy

Technology We Use
Blockchain Technology

Our Management Team

With Strong Expertise
Sergey Petkevich
Sergey Petkevich
Chief Executive Officer

Sergey Petkevich is the co-founder of multiple successful blockchain startups. He is one of the first pioneers who worked with blockchain technology. Sergey took part in Dubai Future Accelerators program, 2017. Mr. Petkevich is a former co-founder and CTO at Block Gemini. Sergey has strong background in blockchain and AI technology.

Dimitriy Goustshinski
Dimitriy Goustshinski
Chief Analytics Officer

Dimitriy Goustshinski has a strong financial background, with more than twelve years of successful trading experience on forex and stock market. Mr. Goustshinski has been trading on cryptocurrency market since 2014. Since that time Dimitriy has created a range of trading strategies with high performance for cryptomarkets.

Alex Miller
Alex Miller
Senior Data Scientist

Alex is a senior data scientist and engineer with eleven years of experience building predictive and statistical machine learning models as well as applying deep learning to NLP and other natural language problems. He has expertise with Python, SQL, MATLAB, SAS, and other platforms for data science.

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